Nhà máy Yamaha Motor Việt Nam – Khu CN Nội Bài, Quang Tiến, Sóc Sơn, HN


  1. Development new models
  • Collaborate with oversea R&D, production shops for solving design issue.
  • Schedule management.
  • Report development situation to Top managers.
  1. Development accessory parts
  • Receiving function requirement for product then technical calculation, assembly and production feasibility studying from concept to detail.
  • Issue 2D,3D drawing for making samples, mold part order.
  • Solving problem issued after evaluation.
  1. Studying for design change, cost down ideas and problems
  • Examination the design change request and cost down ideas.
  • Investigate the cause, make countermeasure for solving design problems.
  • Issue report to get approval.


  • Graduated from university, major in Mechanical Engineering/ Mechatronics
  • Good command of English. Can use Japanese also is an advantage
  • Skillful in Microsoft Office, 3D Cad software
  • Good Report skills (making and presentation)

►  Working condition:

  • Working time: average 22 working days / month 
  • Time: 07:45 – 16:25
  • Company has policy work from home up to 10 days/month
  • Location: Yamaha Motor Việt Nam Factory – Khu CN Nội Bài, Quang Tiến, Sóc Sơn, HN.

►  Welfare:

  • Negotiable, competitive salary, equal with your working efficiency
  • Tet bonus, annual achievement bonus;
  • Payment for overtime according to the labor law;
  • Learn Japanese, English for free;
  • Participate in online and offline training courses to develop yourself;
  • Compulsory insurance payment in accordance with the Law on Social Insurance based on the entire basic salary;
  • Enjoy 24/7 accident insurance benefits;
  • Foreign language allowance (Japanese, English), transportation, housing, attendance, …
  • Daily shuttle bus from near by provinces, center Hanoi city to the factory;
  • Participate in annual travel with the Company;
  • Join football clubs, sports…

►  Application:

Candidates can apply directly or via email to one of the following address:    

► Application forms include: 

   Deadline:  25 Jul 2023

►   Notice:

  • Time and location for test and interview will be announced via email or phone number
  • Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
  • Company will check original certifications before interviewing.


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