By applying to Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd (“Company”) through any form and method (at the Company headquarters/ Company website/ email/ social network) / recruitment website / post office, etc.) you confirm that you fully understand the contents related to this announcement on the processing of personal data (“Announcement”) and voluntarily agree to the Company and the other relevant parties that process your personal data.
Please note that your refusal may affect your ability to be employed

1. Types of Personal Data Processed

The data collected by the Company including and unlimited to the information contained in the Application Form and documents attached during your application process at the Company is sent through the Company’s recruitment channels such as: Social network, Website, email, postal mail…. The data includes:

Basic data

• Full name, middle name and birth name, other name (if any);
• Date of birth;
• Gender;
• Residency information (including permanent residence, temporary residence, current residence, hometown, contact address);
• Nationality;
• Personal picture;
• Phone number, identity card number, personal identification number, passport number;
• Marital status;
• Information about family relationships (parents, children);
• Email address;
• Information about study and work history (including references);

Other sensitive data

• Health status and private life recorded in medical records, excluding blood type information;
• Information about your income from previous jobs and expected future income;
Note: When you provide the personal data of any third party to us (your family member and your previous reference/manager), you represent and warrant that you have obtained necessary consent or license or permission from such third party to share and transfer their personal data to us for processing such data in accordance with this Notice.

2. Purpose of processing personal data

All your personal data will be used by the Company for the only purpose of recruiting you to become an our employee through the following stages:
– Receive applications, evaluate and contact candidates in order to: Search for candidates who have suitable skills and experience for our job position
– Maintain and save records in order to: Build and manage potential candidate files for recruitment purposes at different times of the Company
– Share candidate information to third parties (Health check suppliers, Banks, Vehicle suppliers ….) for the purpose: completing the requirements in the Company’s recruitment process, such as: checking health, create a payroll account, arrange transportation, etc
(Hereinafter referred to as the “Purposes”)

3. How personal data is stored and processed

Your personal data will be stored and processed in whole or in part in Vietnam. All your personal data will be stored in the Company’s candidate database system that only authorized individuals can access and use for the Purposes in this Notice.
Your Personal Data may be transferred abroad, stored or processed outside of your country for one or more of the above Purposes. The Company will only transfer your personal data abroad in case it complies with regulations of the law on the protection of personal data.

4. Other individuals and organizations involved and unexpected consequences or damages

a. Other related individuals and organizations

We meet legal requirements, comply with applicable laws, and prevent cases of harm or leakage of personal data to the outside. Your personal data is only shared with individuals and organizations related to recruitment activities according to the Company’s recruitment process or when legally required by state management agencies, such as:
– Health check suppliers with which the Company has signed a contract to use the medical examination service for the recruitment process of the Company;
– Banks for the purpose of creating payroll accounts for you;
– Supplier of shuttle bus for employees of the Company, for the purpose of transporting candidates to the interview locations in necessary cases.

b. Unexpected consequences or damage

Always remember that any time you voluntarily share and public your personal data on the internet, that data may be collected and used by others for purposes beyond your control and ours
Unfortunately, no data transmitted over the Internet can be 100% secure. Even though we do our best to protect your personal data as required by law by taking all necessary technical and legal measures, the Company cannot guarantee or 100% commitment to the security of any data you transfer to us or from our online service, and you take responsibility at your own risk. As soon as we receive the data you submit, we will do our best to keep it safe in our systems.

5. Data processing time

We will store your data for a reasonable period to serve the Purposes of this Announcement. When you apply for a position that already be fulfilled by other person , we still keep your data in case of future recruitments. Data will be deleted immediately when it is no longer needed or required by law.

6. Rights and obligations of candidates

a. You have the right to know about the processing of your personal data, to have access to view, correct or request the Company to correct, delete or restricts processing, terminates processing, restricts access, restricts sharing or provision of its personal data.
b. You have the right to agree or disagree with the processing of your personal data. You have the right to withdraw your consent or object to the Company’s processing of the data. You have the right to complain, denounce or sue, claim damages in accordance with the law when there is a violation of your personal data protection regulations and have the right to protect your personal data yourself in accordance with the law.
c. The Company will respond to your requests for the processing of your personal data as required by law.
d. To implement the above rights, please contact us at the Contact Information in this Announcement for support.
e. You are obliged to protect your own personal data, respect, and protect the personal data of others, fully and accurately provide personal data when agreeing to allow the processing of personal data, participate in propagating and disseminating personal data protection skills, complying with the provisions of the law on protection of personal data and participating in the prevention and combat of violations of regulations on protection of personal data.

7. Contact Information

In case you do not agree or have any other opinions regarding the purpose of processing personal data or other detailed information mentioned in this Announcement, please contact us as follows:

Address: Binh An village, Trung Gia Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi City
Person in charge: Mr. Nguyen Van Nam – Human Resources Department
Phone number: 0243 582 4900 (Ext 1023)

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